Hello All,

I started my first blog on Blogger way back in 2012, but could never figure out what I wanted to write about so I deleted it. Then I started another one, and another one, and another one, deleting each along the way. My problem was I had all these thoughts and things I wanted to write about, but I wanted to be like other bloggers I looked up to. Writing about myself and my mundane life seemed so boring in comparison, so I never consistently posted. In my mind my photos weren't good enough, my clothes werent good enough, I didn't travel enough to make things interesting... you know, all the excuses as to why I didn't post.

In 2015 my husband and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and I officially settled on the name She Sees Beauty. I vowed to post all the time and be a real blogger, and my ultimate goal was to get invited to a blogger event in San Francisco before we had to move again. We were there for 4 years, I posted on my blog maybe 15 times and of course, I didn't get invited to a blogger event. I didn't have a real grasp on who I was trying to be. What 'Blogger Bri' looked like and felt like. Finally, 5 years later I have figured it out. One thing I have always been good at talking about is me. Does that say something about my personality that is slightly questionable? Maybe. Haha! What I'm saying is I don't feel like I am educated enough in designer goods to talk about fashion and trends. I don't wear that much makeup and it's not a passion of mine, so I don't feel like I can teach anyone anything about makeup. What I do know about is me. My personal experiences. My wins and losses. I can share the things I have learned along the way so maybe someone else doesn't have to make the same mistakes I have. So, that's what you'll be getting. My photos will continue to be of me sharing my style, but my writing will be about my life. I'm not here to teach you anything about style, or beauty, or health and wellness, or cooking specifically. I'm here to inspire you to find yourself and grow as a person right alongside me. If I happen to teach you about one of those specific things in the meantime with my writing then great! If you are just here for entertainment value, cool! If you are literally here to look at my pictures and move on, sweet. Whatever you chose to take from my blog is fine by me. I finally found my voice on the internet and it's simply me. Why was that so hard to figure out? Just be me and the rest will follow.

So here's a little life catch up...

If you read last week's post - A Career Change at 29 - you'll know that I am on the hunt for a job in the interior design field and I had an interview scheduled. Well, I didn't get the job. I had an incredible interview and the designers I met with were all so friendly, but I lost out when it came to experience in the field. I don't have any, and the assistant position they needed to fill required someone with more specialized skills. It's totally understandable. This is only my first attempt at getting a job in the field so I'm ok with it. Like I told my interviewer, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but it's up and onward for me. Since this is where I am meant to be, one 'no' isn't going to stop me from pursuing it. Besides, I still have a whole house to design and work on and nothing is going to stop me from doing so. I am designing, I am creating, and I am learning more about design thru personal experience every single day. There is no wasted time when I am being creative.

At the moment I am in the process of taking on some clients doing some content creation and marketing. Though the work is not in the design field yet, my skills with content creation will eventually help me to excel when I can use them to my benefit for my interior design career. So again, there is no wasted time when I am learning and being creative every day. I'm still looking for a part-time or a full-time position in the design field, so we'll see what comes up! Of course, I will write about it here at She Sees Beauty blog!

Thank you so much for reading!



top - Gap

skirt - Abercrombie & Fitch *old (similar style here)

shoes - Steve Madden *make sure to size up .5 to 1 whole size

sunglasses - Rayban

purse - Kate Spade *old