Hello All,

I have had something on my mind for a while and it has to do with travel & adventure videos on YouTube. First, I personally love to create videos, especially of my travels. As weird as it may sound to some people who have no interest in chronicling their life online I thoroughly enjoy creating videos to look back on. Second, I wish there were more female creators putting out travel-based videos of wild, crazy, do whatever the hell you want kind of adventures like the guys. Let me explain a little more about what I mean.

I posted my first travel video from my 10-day vacation to Brisbane, Australia in 2016. My cousin lives there and I invited a friend of mine to come with me as she and I had both talked about going to Australia and I had a free place for us to stay. I chronicled the whole thing using only a GoPro Hero 4 and I'll just say, while the trip was amazing and some of the footage was great, the editing was terrible and there was no storyline. It was just random shots of what we did. However, for a first try, I feel like that is to be expected! It was my first time filming anything travel-related and even though the video itself is terrible I still watch it back from time to time because it takes me right back to that trip and I love it! We went hiking in what can only be described as the Australian rainforest, saw waterfalls (yes, plural), went ziplining, and even took a tiny 8 person plane to Lady Elliot Island for a few hours one of the days. We did everything we possibly could and didn't hold back. It was fully packed with back to back days of exploring and seeing all we could in that short amount of time.

Since then I have experimented with different styles of editing and created some vlog style videos and some with voiceovers. I have added new cameras to my kit, a drone, a badass tripod (thanks Mom & Dad), and even a stabilizing rig. All of the later gear I acquired for my business but having it all means I can use it for whatever I want. I am still trying to figure out my filming style, and I have recently started to create a checklist of b-roll shots (aka pretty footage that essentially sets the scene) I want to include, and figured out what other kinds of shots I want to capture. The videos I love to watch the most are videos from creators like Sam Kolder (Kold on YouTube) and other travel vloggers (well, short film makers, really). The composition of the videos is visually stunning, but they do shit like skydive and drive fast cars and there is usually a gorgeous woman in a supporting role here and there.

The thing I wish were different about travel videos in the YouTube space is that there were more female creators driving fast cars and doing other sketchy fun shit. Why is it that when you look up 'female adventure vlog' you get stuff like 'Solo Female Travel, How to Stay Safe,' or you get videos that are gorgeous in their composition, but the message, while admirable and incredibly important, is always 'be kind' or 'do good.' Why the hell can't there be a video of a woman and her friends on a yacht with a bunch of hot guys (oh, sexism) and then end it with a skydive and driving a Lambo on a deserted backroad? Why can't women blow stuff up and shoot guns for the hell of it? Why do videos from female creators always seem to have a deeper meaning behind them and are never just for pure entertainment?

Maybe my personal tastes are more masculine or unladylike, but honestly, I can not be the only strait female on the planet that likes doing shit like that too. I like shooting guns, I LOVE driving fast, I love skydiving and being in the ocean and doing ALL THE THINGS. I don't want to be in a supporting role in a bikini or half-naked in those videos either. I want to be the main character and if I want to be half-naked then cool. I want to see more female creators doing it all! I also want to BE a female creator doing it all.

2021 is set to be a fantastic, life-altering year (bringing a kid into this world - no I'm not pregnant) so I guess my adventure-seeking wild side will have to take a backseat for a bit. However, for the rest of this year... obviously only partaking in allowable activities due to COVID... I am going to be planning, shooting, and bettering my filming and editing skills. I'm going to be creating the videos I like to watch because I can, and I hope that in the future we can see some more badass videos from female creators.

If you know of any female creators out there making the videos I love PLEASE share them. They have to be out there somewhere I have just had no luck in finding them.



p.s. Grammarly just informed me my post sounds 'angry & informative' and I'm not mad about it. I'm more annoyed than angry, but either way, I'm not worried about my tone. I'm just speaking my mind! Here's to women not being worried about offending someone by being blunt! Cheers!