There are a few clothing items that instantly make me feel fucking fierce and a jumpsuit is one of them. I have a relatively long torso so finding ones that fit correctly can be a nightmare at times, but when I find a good one I buy it. Besides having to remove the entire outfit to use the toilet (lol), they are so convenient and fun. Much like dresses, a jumpsuit for me is that one and done, put it on and you've got a full outfit without even trying. It's nice to have those pieces in the wardrobe for those times you just can't figure out what to wear.

When I tried this jumpsuit on I immediately fell in love and pictured myself wearing it to Fashion Week. I've never been to Fashion Week but I do LOVE Fashion Week street style, especially scrolling thru all the photos I can find in that category on Pinterest. I could see this jumpsuit styled with the top buttons all open and some chunky boots stomping around some city streets. I'm putting it out there, ok? Simply manifesting a "normal" day sometime in the future! 2021? 2022? Who knows, but at some point, it would be cool.

These photos were taken at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. If you are a San Diego local and have never been, or if you are coming here to vacation DO NOT miss this beautiful, serene garden. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the exhibits are closed at this time, but you can still take a calming stroll through the garden and enjoy the incredible San Diego weather (nearly year-round)!