Hello Everybody,

As I get older, and as the beauty world seems to get more and more extreme, I think it is so important to understand the basics of effective, good-for-you skincare. Products on the shelf at your local drugstore always claim to reduce wrinkles, remove dark spots and sun damage, clear acne, plump and soften, blur, etc. etc. I mean, sometimes it feels like they claim to fix everything under the sun just shy of promising to bring about world peace. My question is always 1) does it work, and 2) at what cost? What do I have to put on my face to actually target the issues I am having? I want my skincare products to actually work and not be jam packed with toxic chemicals that should go nowhere near my face or body, no matter what they claim to do.

Near the beginning of 2018 I started getting facials at the Sumbody Spa on Park Street in Alameda, CA. My skin was in need of some TLC. I walked by the store numerous times, but never went in as I was typically running to a restaurant to meet my husband for date night, or to grab a quick breakfast before heading into the office - clearly much of my life is food focused. One day I finally walked into the store, booked a facial and my obsession with this company began. To start with, the spa is absolutely beautiful and serene despite being right on bustling Park Street, but the products and spa services they offer are on a whole other level of incredible.


As someone who has suffered with acne for years I have used everything from dermatologist prescriptions to holistic remedies. Each product and experience has served a purpose in my skincare journey, but at this point what I consume and choose to put on my skin is a major focus. About a year ago I started incorporating natural skin and body care products into my life. The esthetician during my first appointment at the Sumbody Spa last year helped me explore some of the possible reasons why my skin was breaking out. She asked me questions to find out what I was doing for my skin from the inside out like what kind of makeup I was using, what skincare products I was using, and offered suggestions for what may be a better option. At this time, almost a year later, my skin is in a much different place. I have very few, if any, active breakouts right now, but I still suffer with redness and scarring left over from past acne. The esthetician said the main concern for my skin at this time is hydration. As someone with oily skin I always find it funny to hear that my skin is "dehydrated" but it definitely is. She suggested adding a hyaluronic acid product, such as their own Full Infusion Hyaluronic Serum, to really help with the rehydration of my skin. One of the best parts about a Sumbody facial is that when the esthetician recommends something for you, they make and offer that product for sale in the store. Plus, you know it is made with the highest quality ingredients that will actually benefit you.


I really think it is important to only share things that I love and believe in on my blog. I like to keep it simple and honest, because being real is what matters most to me. If I voice my opinion its 100% honest, whether positive or constructive. This however, is a rave review as I hope you can tell by my enthusiasm. I can honestly say that Sumbody's facials and products are second to none. If you are ready to explore the world of organic, natural skincare and don't know where to start I am telling you to start here. If you have the ability to visit one of their 3 locations in Northern California please do. Book in a facial and speak to the knowledgable employees about their products. You owe it to yourself!

Thank you Sumbody for allowing me to photograph your Alameda store and my facial treatment for this post.

xoxo, Bri

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all services, and all opinions are my own.