Hello All,

What a hell of a past few months it’s been for me, so here is an update! My career has progressed and things are starting to fall into place after almost 3 long years of hard work. All I can say about that is hard work, perseverance, and commitment pay off!

I fully bleached my hair and I am obsessed. I am going for a little bit cooler tone, but anyone who knows about full blown bleaching it is a process. You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day – the perfect tone of blond doesn’t happen in one sitting.

I got my eyebrows microbladed and it was the best decision I ever made in terms of my appearance. It makes my life so much easier and my facial features don’t disappear when I am not wearing makeup. If you are thinking about getting your brows microbladed just DO IT! Especially any blondies out there like me. I naturally have a great brow shape and lots of hairs, but the tail ends of my brows are just invisible due to the light color. I went with the lightest color they offered and it turned out so perfect! Can you tell I’m happy about it?

I’m back to having proper blog photos taken by Christine (Instagram – @callme_christine). It is such a commitment to pay good money for blog photos, but it is so important to me to put out good content. More quality over quantity is my motto. You can read more about my though process in this blog post – here.

Now this outfit. This is a real mix of teenage Bri with the current, more mature Bri. I have been wearing Vans since the beginning of high school (black and white checked slip ons to be exact) and I have always loved them. My collection has grown then shrunken over the years, but I love these minimal black on black leopard print lace ups. Paired with a casual t-shirt and high-wasted skirt, plus pops of turquoise just make this outfit an everyday casual, but cute option.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Bri