Hello All,

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an art gallery opening at the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento, of which my friend (aka: adopted cousin, family member-by-choice – you know, one of those kinds of people) was showcasing her art. I can’t say that I have ever been to an art gallery opening, nor do I frequent art galleries, but when someone I know has worked countless hours on a craft and is being featured you bet your ass I’m going to be there to support them! I wore the most “artsy” outfit I could come up with and took every opportunity to snap some shots in a city I am not often in.

The coolest part about having/writing/creating a blog is that I can feature whatever the heck I want, and today I want to feature Pamela @ Tin Wolf and the pieces that she created for the ‘Forget Me Not’ gallery. She is not only out here making beautiful, creative, one of a kind art pieces, but she is helping the world one can, bottle cap and art piece at a time. Scroll down to see some shots of her collection and read about the whole reason why she does what she does.

Shirt Dress – ASOS

Boots – *Similar HERE

From the artist:

“Plastic pollution in the ocean has become so pervasive that it is expected to outweigh all fish in the sea by 2050. No part of the world is left untouched by this epidemic and there are pioneers everywhere trying to do something about the 6 billion metric tons of plastic that is not recycled. Craig Leeson, with his documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’, hit the Netflix watching world with a wake up call to our plastic problem. Ecodream of Puebla Mexico is building entire homes completely out of plastic for under 300$. My aim with Tin Wolf is to pioneer a way to encourage people to recycle while creating a paradigm shift away from the use of plastic. I create art pieces that send a message, utilizing recycled aluminum cans, wood and bottle caps that were either donated by people who support the cause or thrown out by people who do not recycle. Humanity owes Mother Earth an immense debt of gratitude, this is my payment.” – Pamela @ Tin Wolf

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you take the time to support Tin Wolf!

Sincerely, Bri