Hello All,

I have been on a path of self discovery, and a lot of things have come out over the past 6 months to a year. I am a thinker. I over think everything, but I am quick to make decisions, so most of the thinking happens after the fact. Kind of unusual, but that’s just how I roll. Here’s what I’m thinking… life’s short. I know, I know we all say it and it’s such a over used statement, but guys. Seriously! Life is too damn short. Many people seem to realize it too late, once they have gone through a life altering experience and have lost someone or something they’ve worked hard for. I try to remind myself every single day to enjoy what I have, even if it’s not exactly what I think I want.

There was absolutely no real reason for me to have this set of photos taken, but you know what? Who cares! I wanted to do something fun. Something to celebrate me letting go, or learning to let go. I could sit here and pick out things I don’t like about myself, but again. Who cares? I am so lucky to live where I live, have my health, my family, my dogs ;), and a job that I absolutely love! Without hard work and determination I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I’m going to celebrate being me. Being me, who I am right now! Plus, who doesn’t love throwing on their favorite LBD, some flaming red shoes and cracking open a bottle of good red wine? I do, I do!

Dress – *Old (got it in Australia 2 years ago)

Shoes – Sam Edelman

Thank you so much for reading!