Hello All,

Every single day I am learning and growing as a person, which is definitely a good thing. The extremely angsty 17 year old who swore she would never live in her hometown again is long gone, and I am learning to embrace things I really love. All I have to say is never say never. The teenager in me is rolling my eyes right now, but I'm serious. Ha! First, I always said I would NEVER live with my parents again after moving out at 19. Well... my husband and I are currently living with them temporarily. Keep reading and I'll explain more. Second, after wearing ill-fitting overalls as a kid in the late 90s, early 2000s I think I was scarred for life and refused to wear them again. Yes, I did love and pay attention to fashion as a kid. When the trend came back around a couple of years ago I refused to accept them as being "in style", but after seeing some incredibly flattering overalls online I decided to give in. After all, I am from a farm town so the country girl deep down inside me comes out on occasion.

Okay, I told you I would explain why we are living with my parents. It isn't because one of us lost our job, or due to some major life struggle. Honestly, we wanted to take the opportunity to save some real money the last 6 months we are living in Northern California. We most likely will never live this close to my parents again, and I thought it would be smart to take the chance and save some cash. Even though both of us work, the ability to live a full life and save a large enough sum of money to actually do something with just hasn't been possible. Between regular bills, general life costs and then unplanned expenses it is tough to save. I know I am preaching to the choir. That's just life. We want to be home owners and are willing to do whatever it takes (read this post to learn more) however cash is still necessary. Thankfully for us, my parents have the space and are willing to let us crash at their place for a few months. And, you know what? It has been amazing! We are saving and can actually see some of our dreams getting closer to becoming reality every day. I can't say thank you enough! We'll be here about 3 more months and then we will be moving to San Diego to start the next phase of life. Yes, San Diego! Our favorite place. More about that when the time gets closer. :)

Now, about these overalls. There is a picture of me and my best friend in overalls and white, long sleeve shirts floating around somewhere, and while it is a cute look at the past, man did I look awful in them. My best friend on the other hand looked adorable! I think I have just avoided them since then because I thought they just did not suit me at all. Not all fashion is about being perfectly flattering, but for me and my shape the fit of clothing is important. After seeing some adorable, well-fitting overalls online I realized they have really made some advances in the cut of overalls. They can be flattering! I found these online at Madewell and then tried them on in store last week. To my surprise and delight they fit perfectly! They hug in all the right places, have high back pockets that flatter what little butt I have, are the perfect color and are so damn comfortable. I am totally obsessed! I don't impulsively buy clothes anymore and I really think out my purchases, so the biggest question I asked myself was, "would these have longevity in my wardrobe?" I figured I will enjoy them now while I love the trend, and after they have gone out of style again they will still make amazing yard work or house work attire. I quite like the thought of looking like a cute artist (though I can't draw for shit) in my paint covered overalls. Win, win, win!

I know that living with your parents at 28 while also wearing overalls at the same time may seem like I am regressing in life, but I am digging it. Ha! I know overalls are a love or hate thing, but that's ok. A lot of things in life are like that. The future is looking good and I am living every day to the fullest. I am a strong advocate of do what makes you happy, wear what you want, and just live a life you're proud of! I think I am sticking to that advice and I'm happy about it. :) Are you?

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you come back!

xoxo, Bri