Hello All,

I seriously need a break, and thankfully I am getting one next weekend because I am going CAMPING!!! WooHoo! I'm shutting off my phone, not working one bit and just floating down the river soaking up as much sun (slathered in sunscreen - of course) as I can. I need to shut off every now and again because I am ALWAYS on. Always. I do indeed absolutely love my job and all the side ventures I have started, but sometimes it all just gets to be too much. Working 6 months straight, essentially starting a new business, doing my day job (selling real estate) and constantly being go, go, go, I am burnt out. We are off to the North fork of the Yuba River like we have done the past 2 years in a row and I can hear the cool, crystal clear water calling my name. As much as I love social media and how it connects people from all over the world, many of us, myself included, don't realize how dependent we are of our phones and having access to everything and everyone all the time. The site we camp at is situated precisely in a canyon where service does not reach so I am forced to go without my phone while we are there, and it is the most refreshing feeling ever. When I am not around my phone I don't have headaches from stress, and I don't get those twinges of fear like, 'Where is my phone? I need to make sure I haven't gotten a call from a client,' or 'I wonder if I got another follower on Instagram. Let me check (20x a day...)!' I get to mentally check out, play games with my oldest friends, cook food to share with all, and sit in the water and listen to it flow over the rocks so naturally. There is something so peaceful about silence that we forget to appreciate when our every day lives are constantly on 'go' mode. I.CAN'T.WAIT!

I will have a blog post recap of all of the fun things we got up to while camping, and I'll be putting together a camping 'Must Haves' list. I will also be posting a video of our trip like I have the past 2 years! You can check them out here (2017)and here (2016).

Can't wait to share with you all of the pictures from our annual camping trip this year! Make sure to check back in a couple of weeks!

Thank you so much for reading!

xoxo, Bri