Every blog post I have ever written has been completely honest and open, but the thing is, I never wanted to be a writer in any way. I wanted to start a blog as a place to share my style and that was it. I have always loved fashion as far back as I can remember and it is something that I enjoy for me. From the beginning I felt that sharing style without having something to say along with it was so frivolous and useless, but I now know it's not. In all honesty I follow blogs for the images and that's it. I will read a post every now and then, but realistically I just love pouring over the images much like Pinterest. Since that is how I personally consume blog content I realized that is how I want to share my creativity. Minimal writing but (hopefully) maximal inspiration.

The other thing I have always been unsure of was my role in the world of fashion blogs. I don't want to be an influencer. I want to inspire without encouraging spending or consumer consumption. For years I wanted to be a blogger who could support myself with my blog and social media presence, but I actually don't want that. I have always felt like there is an element of selling your soul by advertising some company's product with your face for a paycheck. In that way the "blogger" archetype just doesn't fit me or my personality.

I just want to be creative and share my life and style when I can, so that is what I'm going to do. No matter what a few things that I have always loved and will continue to is fashion, interior design and showing my support for small & local businesses.