Hello All,

About 6 months ago I had a bit of a heart to heart with myself and decided it was time to get serious about blogging if I really wanted to see my blog and social media following grow. I finally created an Instagram just for my blog (@sheseesbeauty_blog – @sheseesbeauty is taken…), and I decided to invest in a blog template that looks and functions exactly how I want, instead of being only somewhat satisfied with the free WordPress templates I was using before. I am a classic  dreamer with great ideas, but my follow thru often sucks. I have wanted to create a consistent blog since 2011 when I created a Tumblr and Blogspot blog (which shall not be mentioned – LOL), but it is now 2017 and I have only just begun taking it seriously. Was I embarrassed that I liked to blog? Maybe. Was I worried that I would not be cool enough, or on the same level as other bloggers I followed? Maybe. Looking back now, were either of those good enough reasons not to pursue it? NO, but those are the excuses I told myself. Those days are over. I now am comfortable with my personal style, I have fully embraced the life I live and things I love, and I am so beyond ready to share it all! There is a place for me in this little corner of the internet.

This outfit is actually a perfect example of my personal style. When I was 14-ish I was a total unconfident, rocker-wannabe chick. I wore blue American Eagle jeans, a faded black band tee from whatever concert I went to or band I was liking at the time, and red and black checked Vans every day. By the time I was 17 or so I really started to experiment again with my style and cleaned it up a bit. I started wearing things I liked, and not just the things that looked so “rock and roll, man.” I stayed away from the all-black-everything styles until a few years ago. I finally realized that in addition to still loving the same music I loved back then, I also really do love a bit of rocker-chic. I have tattoos and wear them proud and I love clothes that are a little rough around the edges. I don’t put myself in a box anymore and refuse to wear something because it makes me look rocker, or professional, or preppy. I just wear things that I like and that varies from day to day. Sometimes I want to wear a tailored dress and heals, and other days I want to wear ripped jeans and all black accessories. That is what personal style is about. Wearing what makes you happy and being who you are, whoever you are!

My blog and personal style may be all over the place, but that is who I am. I love change and will continue to evolve the rest of my life taking with me the life lessons I learn from my experiences along the way!

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What is your personal style? Do you like a little bit of everything like me, or do you have a specific style?