Body & Color

Hello All,

This just in: I LOVE THE COLOR RED... and my boobs. Haha. Yup. That's how I am starting this post because this dress gives me liiiiiife. (But, more on that later.) The more I observe human beings, human behavior, and deep dive into my personal behavior and thinking the more I realize most of us have the same issues with body image.

When I was growing up I would pour over magazine after magazine obsessing over the perfect (eh hem, photoshopped) people. Of course, the styling and art that was the photos themselves were the most fun, but like many other people, I was obsessed with thin. I was obsessed with having no stomach rolls, and symmetrical everything. Fast forward many years and I am here to say, look around. I fit into the 'average' or 'mid-sized' range when it comes to people in the United States. I'm 5'5" around 155 lbs. and I wear a medium/large in tops and a size 30/31 in most pants. The best part is, I am not afraid of numbers. I am not afraid of weight. I am not trying to fit into a mold. I am aiming to be healthy, happy, and comfortable in my skin.

A little extra weight here and there does nothing to my self-esteem and doesn't affect my self-worth, but it does make me physically uncomfortable sometimes. For instance, I rarely wore shorts as a teen, and rarely do now. Not because I don't like the way my legs look, but because I have very slim hips and it means that my thighs have always rubbed. No matter what weight I am my legs are just close together and wearing shorts means the material just rides up and collects in my crotch. lol. Sorry for the visual, but for real. It is so uncomfortable, and then on top of that the thigh rub causing chafing is just straight painful. Unless I wear Bermuda shorts I have that problem and though I have nothing against long shorts, they just aren't my style.

Weight and style also do not go hand in hand. They are separate things entirely and you can have killer style no matter what weight. The thing that makes me uncomfortable no matter what is wearing an outfit that is unintentional. An outfit that looks like the thing everyone else is wearing, or 'on-trend.' A quote I heard one time is 'fashion is what you wear, but style is who you are,' or something along those lines, and it has always stuck with me. It is absolutely true. Anyone can wear the latest trends, but that's not style.

For me, I show myself love by dressing myself in things that make me feel my best. I highlight my favorite parts of my body like my legs, my boobs, my feet (weird, I know) my smile, and my green eyes, plus my crazy naturally wavy hair as of late. That is what I chose to focus on when getting dressed every day. It's not my weight on a scale or pant size. It's the things about me that I love. The things I love to wear to accentuate my favorite features and personality are the color red, dresses, and a killer pair of heels. I have always loved wearing red because it makes me feel happy, confident, and sometimes sexy. Red is a BOLD color and in many cultures, it is a celebratory color. Red is definitely a celebratory color for me. When I wear red it changes my whole mood.

I guess what my point is, wear what makes you happy and comfortable, no matter your weight, and fuck the haterz... lol. Ok, not that last part. I don't have haters, but if I did it's not my problem. I am still going to wear what makes me feel fucking fantastic because I have spent too much time in the past worrying about what others think. If someone likes my style, cool. If they don't, move on. It doesn't change how I feel about myself or what I choose to wear.

Well, that was a rambly one. If you got the end of this post, thank you for sticking around. I'll leave you with this. Do you have a favorite color that you are afraid of wearing? If so, just wear the damn color! Happiness is built, it's not a given. Do what makes you happy, wear what makes you happy and spread that positivity around. We all need more of that in this world!