There are a handful of blogs that I follow and return to time and time again for inspiration, beautiful photos and styling ideas. One way bloggers can earn income from their blog is by allowing ads in the sidebar, header and/or footer. I recently saw an ad on a blog that just didn’t make much sense and it inspired me to write this post. There are two reasons why I have not, and will not run ads on my blog.


When I visit a fashion blog I want to see just that. Fashion, styling and style inspiration. When I visit a food blog I want to see high-definition, up-close and hunger-inducing photos of food I can to attempt to recreate. That’s it. When there are ads being run it is distracting. Regardless how beautiful and curated the photos the person has shot, edited and chosen to share are all I see are the ads. I truly don’t regularly follow any blogs that run ads because my mind just gets too distracted, and I lose interest in the blog itself.


If you have an agreement with a specific company that offers products or services that align with your blog type that is different, but I’m just talking about general Google-type ads. The other day I was scrolling thru a blog of this incredibly inspiring woman I follow on social media, and the blog post was about yoga for curvy women. As I scrolled past a beautiful photo of her looking strong holding a yoga pose I saw an ad. Now, don’t get me wrong. I will never knock someone for doing whatever it takes to earn an income from their blog that they pour their time, money, and heart and soul into, but it just didn’t fit. There was an ad, the full width of the page that was some sort of political propaganda. I was not annoyed by the ad itself. I was annoyed that this specific ad was being run on this blog. When I am scrolling thru trying to get some yoga inspiration the last thing I want to see is some negative political propaganda. In fact that is the exact opposite of the type of thing I want to see. I’m just over here trying to get zen and support a curvy woman trying to inspire other people of all shapes and sizes to try yoga. I just kept thinking that if she knew that ad was being run full screen right below her inspiring post she may be a bit annoyed too, as it is not an accurate representation of her or her goal for the blog post.

I may be the only person bothered by this, but I’m ok with that. Haha! I just don’t want an ad to misrepresent me or my intentions. I write and share my thoughts in the form of blog posts because sometimes I have things I want to talk about. Other times I just want to share an outfit or product I’m loving. Either way, what I write is 100% my thoughts, my ideas or my experience. I don’t want an ad to conflict the content or simply distract from it. If I am going to put forth the effort to create something I love, I want that to be what people see, not an ad I have no control over.

How do you feel about ads on blogs? Are you annoyed by them too, or is it just me?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bri