Hello everyone,

Back at it with the tiny house dream again… The urge to go tiny has never left me since the first time I mentioned in on the blog (here) in December of 2016. It has taken a back seat until a couple of months ago when an opportunity presented itself to us (my husband and I) that meant we may be able to save some cash. All of a sudden a whirlwind of emotions and excitement hit me and I started diving into the world of tiny again. Things are a little in the air at the moment, but the ability to save some cash puts us one step closer to the dream of going tiny.

Now, I know most people think that going tiny is crazy, but here’s the deal. I don’t want to do it forever and here’s why...

First, I have always loved houses. Designing them, decorating them, living in them (ha - duh!). I love it all. I also am a licensed real estate agent in the state of California, the Bay Area to be specific, and I have seen some crazy shit. I have been witness to so many people, dual income families barely scraping by, depleting their savings and retirement accounts just to buy a house here. I know it is doable with a LOT of hard work, but the thing is, I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to be house poor and have a $3000+ monthly mortgage payment for 30 years. More than anything, on top of the high mortgage payment, I don’t want to live on top of my neighbors with no privacy or room to expand and let the dogs (and eventually kids) run wild and free. My husband and I will never have the money to just take off and go on random weekend trips, or bi-annual trips across the world, or even just across the country, if we are that in debt.

Second, on top of all said above ^^^ I am not a minimalist. Two things I love and refuse to pair down are kitchen items and clothing. I don’t own a ton of stuff to begin with, but I love and wear all of my clothes (except for my wedding dress, because that would be weird) and I use all of my kitchen gadgets and small appliances. I also love memories, and photos, and awards, and achievement plaques and I love to display it all. It makes me happy, makes me smile, it makes me proud and it does give me joy! I may put a lot of those things in a small storage unit for a period of time, but eventually I will have a home for it all. If I have to live minimally for a few years so be it. Life is so short and nothing is permanent or for sure. It can always be changed and that is what I love the most!

What I DO want is…

Buy a piece of land, preferably around 5 acres (maybe a bit more)

Build a tiny house so we can be mortgage free, or at least closer to being mortgage free than buying a brick and mortar house.

Once the tiny house is paid off and the land is well on its way to being paid off, build a house

Live happily fucking ever after… ok, I know that’s not what makes happily ever after, but you see my point here??

There are risks and gambles with every challenge you take on, but this, the opportunity to own land and build a home, yet still be able to travel and experience life with my family is more worth it to me than anything in this whole world. I am happy to live “tiny” for a period of my life if it means this all becomes a reality eventually. A lot of people want it all in life. They want the perfect house, the nice car, the luxurious trips across the world, or trips to Disneyland every year with the whole family, and money to buy someone you love a great gift for their birthday or Christmas. Trust me, I DO TOO. However, I know that I can’t have that all at once. I need to start somewhere and this is what I am willing to do to make it happen.

I want to look back at my life and say, “I did that,” and have some crazy stories to tell my kids and grandkids, rather than look back with regret and say, “I was too afraid to try.”

What are your thoughts? I feel like "tiny living" is a love or a hate thing. Are you willing to try it to live a better life in the long run, or is it a hard NO for you? To each their own!

xoxo, Bri