Hello All,

After 5 years in the real estate world working as an agent I realized I am not quite in the right place, though I have been on the right path. I made this video (link) back in June after I admitted to myself and my husband that I wasn’t happy. I absolutely love being around houses. I love how they make people feel, how they function, and what they look like, but I don’t really care about selling them. My love for houses has kept me in the real estate game much longer than I should have stayed, but I am officially on the way out. To be honest, I still have my license - it’s good for another few years - and I am still with my brokerage just in case a relative or friend needs some assistance, but I am no longer pursuing clients and don’t plan to ever again.

What I truly love is interior design. You know how there are things that people do, no matter who is around, no matter what people think, and always do because it brings them happiness? Like runners, or artists, or chefs who wake up every day and just do it… no this was not intended to be an ad for Nike. Well, interior design is that for me! I was that kid that would move my room around every few months (without permission might I add) because I was bored. I have changed styles and colors and aesthetics, and I have always enjoyed moving because it brings with it a new challenge of organization, design, and a chance to be creative. 

I don’t think 29 (almost 30) is the best age to finally realize I want to make a huge, life-altering change of career, but there is no time like the present if it doesn’t make me happy. I think the worldwide pandemic and lockdown has brought out the “just fucking do it” mentality in me even more than ever. I would never in a million years recommend a friend or family member stay in a job that they hated just for the sake of it, so why would I do it? I need to take my own advice, and I finally have. 

If you didn’t know, which I didn’t until I started to research it, in order to be a certified interior designer one must be licensed. It requires years of accredited schooling in interior architecture and design, plus years of experience as an interior designer. For me, that means going to school in order to earn an education in the many areas of design, interior design specific programs, layouts, furniture design and even lighting function and design. I never wanted to go to college because I am someone who hates wasting time and money. I don’t want to get a degree in whatever just for the sake of saying I have a degree. I have been able to do any job I have wanted so far in life without it and I never found the value in education for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses. I also never wanted to work in corporate America so having a Bachelors's degree to get on the ladder was not necessary. This however is my exception. I actually want to go to school to learn everything I possibly can about design because I know, though it will be hard, I will absolutely love it!

Currently, I am enrolled in the Academy of Art University set to start my classes in the Spring, to earn an accredited AA in Interior Architecture & Design, then I'll see where work experience takes me from there. If a 4-year degree is necessary I will tackle that when I get there.

Send all the positivity my way, please!



dress - Marine Layer Camilla Dress *no longer available in this print

shoes - Steve Madden *make sure to size up .5 to 1 whole size

purse - Kate Spade *old