Photos taken at The Old Sugar Mill

Clarksburg, CA

Hello, Hello!

I am officially 28. I have had multiple people ask me how I feel about turning 28 and the only answer I have for them is, I am freakin’ excited. I think 28 is a really great age! I graduated high school 10 years ago, which I hated, and looking back at the past 10 years I just have to say it looks nothing like I’d imagined or dreamed, but it is so great in different ways. I am not the type of person who wants to plan out my life exactly, or someone who even has a set-in-stone 5-year plan. If I think about 5 years from now there are a few things I see in my life, but I am not dead set on any of the particulars.

To my 18 year old self… Life gets so much better! You know how people always say, “What I like in a person is confidence”? As a teen, struggling with general teenager B.S. trying to get a grip on your all-time low self esteem, that is the last fucking thing you want to hear, but damn is it true. There is nothing more attractive than someone who accepts their flaws, physical and mental, is fully aware of them, and is actively working to improve their quality of life. It is shitty, but all I have to say is confidence comes with age. It really does. Even though you may be “mature for your age,” something I have been told since I was about 16, nothing can mature a person like life experience. Both the great life experiences and the really, really bad ones teach you so much. My advice to my 18 year old self is just fucking live life to the fullest, don’t get yourself into debt, and things will work themselves out somehow, some way. Maybe not in the way that you had thought they would, but they will.

I am so ready for this year! I am going to continue learning to play the guitar and write songs. I am going to take some guitar lessons to better my current (self taught) skills. I am also going to get back on learning to speak Spanish. At this point I am just mad at myself for not learning to already, but I just need to be more consistent. I am not going to look in the past and say I should have, could have, would have, BUT… nope! Onwards and upwards! My husband and I have started rock climbing and I AM OBSESSED! I will definitely be continuing to climb. I also want to go snowboarding as much as possible these next few months while we still live in Northern California. My husband and I went once on the second of January, my first time snowboarding in 10+ years, and his first time skiing ever. We are getting some really good rain in the valley which makes for lots and lots of powder in the mountains, and that means LOTS of FUN on the slopes! I don’t want to set any huge goals for myself, but learning to go with the flow a little bit more would be so beneficial to my mental health.

Here’s to being healthier, spending as much time with my husband, parents, friends and dogs, and continue doing the things I love that enrich my life!

Happy 28th Birthday to me!

xoxo, Bri